My mother lost $350,000 in a romance scam

My mother was a widow, and in the middle of treating ovarian cancer, when she decided to start dating online in 2017.

In just a short amount of time, she lost her home and her car, but refused to stop talking to the scammer. His attention became an addiction.

We didn’t know at the time that she was probably talking to multiple scammers pretending to be the same person from an organized group of criminals in another country using a playbook to get her money.

The goal is to keep victims up all night, so they aren’t thinking clearly, which is what ultimately lead to my mother’s death.

In 2020, mom had been up talking to her scammer when, sometime in the early morning hours, she rolled out of bed and broke her neck. Her sister found her lying on the floor dead.

There wasn’t a lot of information in romance scams back then, so I joined a group called Advocating Against Romance Scams to help spread the word.

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