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Posted: 3:22 a.m. Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Do you hate people? Then we have good news for you! 

Social media is an everyday part of our lives, but what about when you're feeling no-so-social and don't want to run into a particular person or even anyone you know?

There's an app for that.

A new iPhone app called Cloak, which gathers the geographic data from your friends’ Foursquare and Instagram accounts and determines if anyone is close to you.

Photos of those nearby are displayed on a map showing where they are relative to you, and you can then choose to "flag" them so you're alerted when they are close by so that you can avoid them.

The main drawback, of course, is that this only really works if the person (or persons) you’re trying to avoid checks in often.

 The creator of the app, Chris Baker, has an avoidance history, having previously created a filtering system to replace his friend's baby photos with images of cats.

Does this sound like the best thing ever in the history of the world to you?

Here’s the link to ‘Cloak’ in the App Store