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Courtesy YouTube

VIDEO: Explanation of an Open Convention

Still image from LiveLeak video

WATCH: Driver ejected during police chase, keeps running on foot

PASADENA, TX — Dramatic footage of a high speed police chase shows a carjacking suspect plowing into another driver who was ejected from their vehicle. The terrifying collision ended a chase that started with a carjacking at gunpoint outside of Houston, Texas. KHOU-TV reports, Pasadena police were able to use ...

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters during a town hall meeting on March 14, 2016 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa , Florida. Trump is campaigning ahead of the Florida primary on March 15. (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images)

LISTEN: Interviews with GOP candidates

Click here to listen to KRMG sister-station WDBO's interview with Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Click here to listen to KRMG sister-station WHIO's interview with Donald Trump.

VIDEO: Ted Cruz Bad Lip Reading

VIDEO: Take a tour of Tulsa's new Trader Joe's

Oklahomans have waited a long time to get the chance to shop at Trader Joe’s. Friday at 8 a.m., the doors to Oklahoma’s first Trader Joe’s will open and the wait will end. Shoppers will find the needed everyday grocery items, as well as a unique variety of other items ...

Courtesy Facebook

Judge Andrew Napolitano on the John Gibson Show

Napolitano describes which parts of President Obama’s gun plan he thinks are legal and which are not. Listen here

Courtesy Bands of America

Pride of Broken Arrow wins Bands of America Grand National Championship

The Pride of Broken Arrow High School competed in the Bands of America Grand National Championship against 100 other top tier bands. The Pride of Broken Arrow came out on top, winning their third national title. KRMG’s Dan Potter was in Indianapolis to see Broken Arrow win big. See reaction ...

NEWS102.3 and AM740 KRMG

Dan Potter interview with Raja’ee Fatihah

U.S. Army Reservist and CAIR board memeber Raja'ee Fatihah joins Dan Potter to explain why the Council on American-Islamic Relations has a flaot in the 2015 Tulsa Veterans Day parade. Click here to listen to the full interview

Tulsa pilot flies Pope back to Rome

He had to cancel his family vacation, but Gary Beam was willing to do so in order to pilot the Pope’s plane. The test flight captain from Tulsa told KRMG it was tough to keep the secret. “The Vatican doesn’t want to see it on Facebook… No e-mails.” Beam said. ...

Dan Potter's Barbequed Ribs Recipe

You'll need: -A covered kettle grill. It doesn't have to be a "kettle" grill (like a Weber)...but, it must be covered. -Charcoal briquettes...can be the all-natural briquettes. Briquettes give the best heat consistency for our purpose. -Hickory smoking chips. Here's where I'll get the e-mail. But look around. The professional ...

The Pride Of Broken Arrow goes to finals

Bands of America Grand National Championships

Monday's with the Mayor

Mayor Bartlett on his visit to Portland.

Zach Klein

Sports Anchor pays tribute to Robin Williams

WSB-TV's Zach Klein name-checked 22 Williams appearances in under 3 minutes

Most disturbing bathing suit ever?

If Slim Goodbody had worn a bikini, this would be it.

Chewy calamari turns out to be a condom

Hey, chewy is chewy

Haunted doll for sale on ebay


What would the internet be without cute babies??

Cute kids making ugly faces. What's not to love?


Woman runs through McDonald's in nothing but a thong

She was lovin' it.

New dress becomes see-through when wearer is turned on

Probably shouldn't wear this on a date


Rob Ford "Crackathon" video game

We've got the link you're looking for!

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