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Behind the scenes with KRMG's Russell Mills

Behind the scenes with KRMG's Russell Mills 

Sometimes, how one finds a story, what one does to report it, and how people react to it are as interesting, perhaps more interesting, than the story itself. The intent of this blog is to take the reader into the process, and to offer some perspective on being a journalist in an age when everyone is basically capable of reporting what they see, hear, feel and think online.

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What the heck happened between me and Sean Hannity?

A recent guest spot I did with national radio talkshow host Sean Hannity landed me in the middle of a controversy and as usual, the truth is in the middle.

Man who opened Tulsa flag store truly achieved the American Dream

It's a story that begins in Soviet Russia during the purges of the Stalin era.

The drug problem that's killing Americans in record numbers

If you think heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine poses the greatest danger to Americans, think again.

Oklahoma lawmakers' struggle with massive budget shortfall

Oklahoma's legislature had a huge task to perform, but often seemed to get sidetracked during a stormy session.

BLOG: Helping our heroes recover from TBI, PTSD

Why isn't this country pulling out all the stops to stem the flow of lifelong victims of TBI and PTSD among members of the military? The treatment is available, inexpensive, and proven.

Possible abduction scene in Kellyville

BLOG: Inside the Kellyville abduction hoax

KRMG's Russell Mills was the first reporter on the scene when a teenaged girl was reportedly abducted by a stranger in a pickup truck -- and one of the first to suspect perhaps not all was as it seemed.

C. 9:30 a.m., Aug. 16, 2011

Tulsa's 'Tower Guy' breaks his silence

They called him the "Tower Guy," and he became the butt of jokes, the object of curiousity, and for some people, a small business as they created t-shirts using images of his six-day standoff with police. But William Sturdivant II is a young man with talent, a desire to turn around his life -- and he decided to call me to finally explain what happened that brutally hot August to drive him up that tower.

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