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SpaceX finishes third ISS run, is poised for manned missions

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Commercial spaceflight is starting to become routine. SpaceX's Dragon capsule splashed down in the Pacific Ocean Sunday, completing the company's third resupply mission to the International Space Station. (Via NASA)

The capsule had been docked at the ISS for nearly a month. It took 2.5 tons of supplies and science experiments to the station and brought 1.7 tons back to Earth. (Via NASA)

The successful mission means SpaceX is now a quarter of the way through its $1.6 billion contract with NASA to haul cargo to the station. But these missions are just a first step for the company, which is poised to play a key role in space in the next few years.

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Currently, SpaceX and Orbital Sciences are the only American companies to have successfully flown missions to the ISS for NASA. (Via NASA)

But SpaceX is also positioned to win big thanks to recent tensions between Russia and the U.S. The two countries have been trading sanctions over the situation in Ukraine, and that animosity has bled into space exploration. (Via Voice of America)

In early April, NASA cut off all communication with Russia's space agency, with the one exception being cooperation on the ISS. Then, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin​ threatened to cut off even that, saying NASA could try getting its astronauts to the station using a trampoline. Finally, Rogozin banned the sale of Russian engines to U.S. companies for military launches. (Via MashableTwitter / @Rogozin,The Wall Street Journal)

Right now, Russia is the only option for getting U.S. astronauts into space, and now that the relationship has started to sour, there's a renewed push to get private American companies ready to ferry astronauts into low Earth orbit.

A writer for Motherboard says, of the companies competing to be first, "​Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin company has barely tested anything, and both Sierra Nevada Corporation and Boeing's entries into the ISS race are expected to use Atlas V rockets — and their Russian engines."The end result? "SpaceX is about to get paid.​"

Of course, it's not surprising SpaceX would dream big, considering its founder Elon Musk goes around saying things like this.

"We're going all the way to Mars, I think. That's what we..."


​"Best case, 10 years. Worst case, 15-20 years." (Via The Wall Street Journal)

The company is currently aiming to carry out its first manned space mission in 2015.

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  • Unable to convince GOP lawmakers to get on board with a plan to overhaul the Obama health law, Republicans in the House decided not to even force a vote on the measure, a major setback for both President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan. “This bill is dead,” said Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR), the Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, who played a central role in cobbling together this plan. 'This bill is dead,' House Energy & Commerce Committee Chairman Walden says — Cristina Marcos (@cimarcos) March 24, 2017 The bill never even came to a vote, as it became obvious that Republicans had nowhere near a majority of lawmakers ready to vote for it. Democrats were more than happy to pile on the GOP legislative debacle. #ObamaCare 1 – #Trumpcare 0. — Rep. Hank Johnson (@RepHankJohnson) March 24, 2017
  • In the end, monolithic opposition by Democrats coupled with opposition from the far right doomed Friday’s vote on the American Health Care Act, the GOP bill that would have repealed and replaced the law commonly known as “Obamacare.” GOP leadership decided to pull the bill, realizing that it could not pass. The Trump administration made it clear early Friday that negotiations were over, and the president wanted an up or down vote Friday. House Speaker Paul Ryan went to the White House to report he didn’t have the votes to pass the bill; President Trump had previously said win or lose, Rep. Ryan should keep his position as Speaker. The GOP plan (AHCA) would have ended the mandate that all Americans pay for health insurance, replacing it with a plan where the federal government would give Americans tax credits, based on age. That would have saved taxpayers billions of dollars, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, but would have left  24 million additional Americans without health coverage within the next decade. Many governors, including some Republicans, also had serious concerns about the additional burdens passed on to states under the AHCA.
  • The Pawhuska woman recently accused of exposing herself to a classroom of students was arrested this week on accusations of stealing a purse.  According to the arrest report, Lacey Sponsler allegedly stole a purse while at the Broken Arrow Lanes bowling alley near 111th and Elm last Thursday.   The report states that witnesses saw her acting suspiciously and looking at people’s belongings. One witness saw her grab a purse and asked if it was hers. She said it was not.   A witness then reportedly saw Sponsler walk into the game room and return wearing different clothes. Police were called and found her in the bathroom.   Sponsler was arrested in February for doing a cartwheel in front of students at a Pawhuska school. She was not wearing anything under her dress and exposed herself to the students.
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  • Tulsa police Thursday released video of an incident in which an officer used his patrol car to end a gunfight. Madison Dickson was the suspect in a string of violent crimes that spanned nearly a week when she was spotted in a vehicle near 91st and Harvard last Saturday. She tried to run, and gunfire is heard on the video, which officers say was directed toward them. The officer swerves left as she points the gun at him, then veers right and runs her over as she attempts to flee. Additional videos released to media by TPD indicate an officer also used a Taser on Dickson after she was down, because she still had the gun and wasn’t responding to commands. “She might not be able to, hang on,” one officer says as others are yelling at her to show her hands. EMSA arrived on the scene a few minutes later, but Dickson died from her injuries.