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Suspect in stabbing and robbery at Jacksonville MetroPCS arrested; store clerk recovering

Suspect in stabbing and robbery at Jacksonville MetroPCS arrested; store clerk recovering

Suspect in stabbing and robbery at Jacksonville MetroPCS arrested; store clerk recovering
Emery Deshon Handy

Suspect in stabbing and robbery at Jacksonville MetroPCS arrested; store clerk recovering

(UPDATE at 3:00 a.m.): The suspect in the stabbing of a worker at a Jacksonville MetroPCS has been arrested, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said early this morning. Officers said they identified Emery Handy, 18, as the man in connection to the robbery and stabbing. 

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Action News Jax is learning more about a store clerk who was stabbed in the face by a robber.

That man, who is known by many as "Mr. Rick," is still in the hospital. His co-workers say he could lose an eye.

People who know him had nothing but good things to say about Mr. Rick.

Family members tell Action News Jax they're praying for a quick and successful recovery for the man who works at the Metro PCS on Ramona Boulevard.

Police released surveillance images of the man they say brutally attacked Mr. Rick while robbing the Metro PCS.

Bonnie Miller, a friend of the clerk, said, “We’re all praying for him to get better.”

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Miller runs the dry cleaning store next door. She’s known Mr. Rick for years.

“They’re always looking for Rick. You know, 'Have you seen Rick today? What time’s Rick coming in?'” Miller said.

Co-workers say Mr. Rick was generous, often staying open late so customers could pay their bills.

“Always there for the business, for the customers. He’s working hard for his family,” Muni Shirzai said.

He had a heart for others that others saw as well. Carol Parish runs the diner next to the Metro PCS.

"He would bring people over here and ask me, 'Could you give them something to eat and let me come back and pay for it later?'” Parish said.

On Monday night, Action News Jax spoke with his family about the attack.

Maria Batshone, the sister-in-law of the victim, said, “Nothing should have happened. He does not hurt anybody, he’s very compassionate.”

Surveillance video captured images of the man police say attacked Mr. Rick. Police say the suspect got in through an unlocked door and then stabbed Mr. Rick before stealing from the registers.

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“We’re all in shock. He’s been injured tremendously and, you know, if somebody wanted to take his money, just take it, not do such severe injury on him,” Batshone said.

As Mr. Rick recovers, his family and friends are hoping for the best and remembering the joy he’s brought them.

“'Isn’t it a beautiful day!' That was his favorite saying. He was just very happy,” Miller said.

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  • A woman was recently arrested for allegedly embezzling nearly $9,000 from a Broken Arrow Mazzio's. Police report Diana Pruett confessed to processing false refunds when customers used cash. She would then pocket the money. One resident we spoke to says Pruett is hurting the community by her actions. “It’s really sad when you feel like you can depend on the people that live in our community to be fair and honest,” the resident said.  “We’re all in this community together. “ She was discovered, when a manager noticed something suspicious with the number of returns and refunds at the store. Pruett was booked into the Tulsa County Jail and has since bonded out.  
  • We have updated information regarding a clerk getting fatally shot on Friday at the S&K Food Mart near East Virgin Street and North Sheridan. Following a standoff that lasted a few hours, police confirm three people have been taken into custody at an apartment complex near 31st and Garnett.  One of those suspects wasn’t involved in the standoff.    Police tell us the clerk didn't deserve to have this happen to him. “It’s never good when someone is dead,” TPD said  “It’s senseless.  For very little gain.” It's believed one or more of the suspects may also be responsible for a robbery at a bakery near 11th and Lewis around the same time. As of early Saturday morning,  no names have been released.  
  • President Donald Trump will use his 100th day in office to make a return to the campaign trail, holding an evening rally in the Pennsylvania state capital of Harrisburg, taking his message of change back to the familiar crowds of the 2016 race for the White House. While Mr. Trump has been happy to highlight his accomplishments of his first 100 days – he has also mixed that 100 day review with jabs at the news media, saying the measurement for a new President is a “false standard.” “We’re moving awfully well, getting a lot of things done,” the President told the press after signing an executive order on offshore oil and gas exploration on Friday. “I don’t think there’s ever been anything like this,” Mr. Trump added. President Trump: 'I don't think anybody has done what we've been able to do in 100 days' — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) April 28, 2017 In a speech on Friday in Atlanta at a gathering of the National Rifle Association, the President visited familiar campaign themes, replaying the events of Election Night, and jabbing at Democrats at every opportunity. “Only one candidate in the General Election came to speak to you, and that candidate is now the President of the United States, standing before you again,” the President said, eagerly reminding the crowd that few people gave him a chance to win last year. “And remember they said, “There is no path to 270.” For months I was hearing that,” Mr. Trump added, as he vowed to protect the Second Amendment during his time in office. President Trump: 'I will never, ever infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms' — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) April 28, 2017 The President’s choice to go to Harrisburg – the state capital – is an interesting one, as Dauphin County was one of only 11 counties to vote for Hillary Clinton in November, going 49 to 46 percent for the Democrats. Mr. Trump won the Keystone State by just 44,000 votes, as his wins in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin were a linchpin for his overall victory. “It was a great evening, one that a lot people will never forget,” Mr. Trump said Friday. “Not going to forget that evening.” The President’s decision to hold a Saturday evening rally in Pennsylvania is also notable for what he will leave behind in Washington, D.C. – the White House Correspondent’s Dinner – which Mr. Trump and his top aides decided not to attend.
  • If you have outdoor plans for Saturday, you will need an umbrella and a good pair of rain boots. National Weather Service Meteorologist Mike Lacy tells us most of Saturday will be a rain out. “Pretty good chance for rain, about 100 percent,” NWS said.  “Especially, during the early part of the day.”   We also have a chance for severe weather.   “The main threat should begin to shift to the east and south of Tulsa,” NWS said.   The high for Saturday will be around 73 degrees. There is also rain in the forecast for Saturday night and Sunday.  
  • Police were called to a the S&K Food Mart Friday evening near Virgin St. and Sheridan. Police tell FOX23 the clerk was hit and killed. No one else inside the store was injured. No word yet on the clerk’s identity or any suspect information. Tune to NEWs102.3 and AM740 KRMG for updates.