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Posted: 3:11 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 14, 2017

Drowned fox preserved in block of ice

Winter on the Danube River
Ruxandra Gutu / Flickr
Winter on the Danube River

By Bob D'Angelo

Cox Media Group National Content Desk

FRIDINGEN, Germany —

It’s an eerie sight β€” a fox that apparently drowned in the Danube River is encased in a thick block of ice and is on display in a small town in Germany, ABC News reported.

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Franz Stehle told German news agency DPA that he came across the fox earlier this month. He said the animal fell through the frozen surface of the Danube River and drowned.

Stehle, who said he was a hunter, had the frozen fox retrieved from the river last week and put it outside his home in Fridingen, a small town in southern Germany.

The sight serves as a warning of the dangers of the icy river, Stehle told DPA.

Stehle said finding an animal frozen was not unusual, adding that he has discovered frozen deer and wild boars several times, ABC News reported.

">January 14, 2017