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Posted: 11:55 a.m. Monday, Oct. 17, 2016

Man uses broom to shoo great white shark from boat

shark and broom
A charter boat captain fought to keep a great white shark away from his boat with a broom. (Photo: Screengrab via Salty Dog Charters/YouTube)

VICTORIA, Australia —

It was a normal day on the water for charter captain Dan Hoey.

That is, until a nearly 18-foot long great white shark sidled up next to the boat on Thursday, took a chunk out of the engines and left a few small dents and scratches.

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“Once she got the cage filled with bait, we thought she was done, but then she came back wanting more,” Hoey told The Herald Sun. “I tried to push the shark away from our boat, but she kept coming back to have another look at the motor.”

Hoey was fishing with a regular customer for gummy sharks near Port Fairy when the shark appeared.

“It’s big. Get away,” Hoey can be heard saying on the video while using a broom to push the shark away. “That makes you feel a little bit scared, doesn’t it?”

The shark was breeding size and had scars on her back and tail, Hoey said. After about 20 minutes they decided to go somewhere else to fish.

“I’ve seen sharks in the past and they’ve been quite standoffish but this one was very fired up,” he told The Sun.