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Posted: 5:33 a.m. Thursday, July 18, 2013

Woman says she was kidnapped, beaten, injected with drugs by boyfriend

McAlester woman says she was captive for nearly a week

Clyde Harshaw
Pittsburgh County Sheriff
Clyde Harshaw

By Rick Couri

Police accuse Clyde Harshaw of things most would find unimaginable.

Among the allegations are using a power drill to rip out chunks of his girlfriends hair, injecting her with meth to test its strength and hitting her knees with a hammer.

The woman told McAlester, Oklahoma cops she escaped through a screen door Harshaw left open. She was being treated for multiple injuries in the local hospital when police were called to investigate.

Charges against Harshaw include kidnapping, maiming, rape by instrumentation, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and aggravated domestic assault and battery.

The McAlester News-Capitol reports an affidavit says Harshaw “attempted to set her hair on fire, poured some kind of acid on her feet and legs causing burns ... (and he) used a pocket knife to cut (her) arms and legs.”

Harshaw told cops he hadn’t seen the woman in several days and denied the charges.

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