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Posted: 9:45 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2013

Video: Are Black Friday deals a myth?

Most say better deals can be had

Black Friday shopping in the Tulsa area
Black Friday shopping in the Tulsa area

By Rick Couri

It’s the question many have asked for years and the answer seems to be no.

"Our data indicated that 70 percent of all Black Friday in-store deals will be available online," Mark LoCastro said.

LoCastro is with DealNews, they specialize in finding the very beat price for shoppers.

LoCastro told KGO-TV there are several other myths to be careful of. One of those has to do with Apple products. The company wants consumers in the Apple store but LoCastro says there’s a better way.

"Certified resellers of Apple products like Amazon, Best Buy, MacMall, MacConenction, they offer almost double the discounts on Apple products," he noted.

DealNews also warns against just looking at newspapers for the best deals. They point out some deals only shot up online, especially as box stores try to lowball each other.

The site even says some brick and mortar stores like Best Buy, target, and Staples are matching most online prices.

But some love the hustle and bustle of the day.

“I don’t care about the deals” Josey told us. “It’s more about the spirit and the fun,” she noted.

“Get up early, shop, have hot chocolate and then a nice lunch, its fun!”

What do you think? Are the best deals at Black Friday or is it a myth? Please leave your thoughts and tips below.

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