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Posted: 12:20 p.m. Thursday, May 22, 2014

Vet's death may propel Oklahoma to consider medical marijuana

Cody Young, 22, was shot and killed by Tulsa police when he opened fire from a window

Cody Young
Cody Young, 22, was shot and killed by police after he opened fire from an apartment window in Tulsa early May 21, 2012. Friends say he suffered PTSD from his tour of duty in Afghanistan with the National Guard.

By Russell Mills


The death of a Tulsa man who suffered from PTSD after returning from Afghanistan ironically occurred within hours of the beginning of a petition drive to get medical marijuana on the November ballot.

Friends tell KRMG that Cody Young, 22, suffered flashbacks and depression, and told them the only relief he got was from marijuana.

He served with the National Guard and was deployed for 18 months.

"He did not have a pharmaceutical treatment, he actually treated himself with medical marijuana, and it actually helped him," one friend said.

Young's death as a national investigation into the Department for Veterans Affairs is underway, with dozens of facilities under fire.

None of those facilities appears to be in Oklahoma.

But other vets have said they struggle to get help with PTSD.

"My other friend that served in the army told me that (marijuana) really helped him and his side effects from the PTSD that he came back with," Young's friend said.

She hopes his death helps other vets find some relief from PTSD and its devastating symptoms.

"I really feel like his story would bring awareness to that, because that's something that he has told several friends helped him (with) his flashbacks," she said.


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