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Posted: 4:55 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013

Tulsa firefighters hailed as heroes after rushing into burning apartment building to rescue man

A massive apartment fire near 21st and Garnett could have turned tragic this morning if not for the life-saving actions of some heroic firefighters

Tulsa Fire station 27
Capt. Levi Moore (3rd from left) and the firefighters of Station 27

By Staff

TULSA, Okla. —

A group of Tulsa firefighters that rushed into a burning apartment building to save a man's life are being hailed as heroes.

Tulsa Fire Captain Levi Moore tells KRMG that firefighters from Station 27 were on the way to another call when the firefighters spotted smoke pouring from the Eastgate Village apartments near E. 21st St. and S. Garnett Ave. around 8:45 this morning.

Today's fire could have had tragic results. Capt. Moore tells KRMG that the man they rescued was sleeping with earplugs when the fire broke out. Moore says, "It was quite a decision trying to figure out if we go put the fire out to keep us safe or do we risk it to go get the person."

That decision was a no-brainer. Moore says, "He was quite disoriented from the smoke and so forth when my firefighters dragged him out of the building. After that, we proceeded to fight the fire."

Firefighters managed to get the flames knocked down after more help arrived, but not before four units suffered extreme damage.

A total of seven adults and 11 children were living in those units. The Red Cross is helping those families with housing and other assistance.

The firefighters from Station 27 are being hailed as heroes but Captain Moore tells KRMG that he and his men were just doing what they're trained to do.

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