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Posted: 5:34 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012

Tulsa is eating out this Thanksgiving

Find a list of restaurants open tomorrow

By Rick Couri

Some traditions are hard to change others not so much. It turns out with Thanksgiving eating at home or eating out is a tradition that is turning a corner. KRMG asked people if they would prefer that big Thanksgiving meal at home or in a restaurant and it turns out it's more split down the middle than you might think.

 “Instead of making Turkey, we made reservations” on gentleman chucked as he told us. “I'd much rather read out less dishes and the foods better” a young woman added.

 It turns out that Thanksgiving is becoming big for many restaurants in the Tulsa area. Kristopher Vogel runs the Mimi's café at 71st Memorial, he told KRMG it’s their biggest day. When I asked him how much turkey they would serve he quickly answered “oh good Lord, I wouldn’t even know where to begin tracking how many pounds.” But we decided to look a little more closely at the numbers and it turns out to be big. “I have 60 boxes of turkey breast and I'll go through all of them” he said as he put the figures together. Quick math tells you around 3,600 pounds of turkey will be consumed just on Thanksgiving Day.

Kris also told us the biggest fan of eating out on Thanksgiving is, you guessed it, mom.

 “They’re always the ones are stuck in the kitchen they don't get any the glory for it” he began. “They’re in there all day long while dad and the kids are out running around or on the couch watching football and Mom spends all day in the kitchen just to be able to clean up afterwards.”

 When you put it like that, it doesn’t sound like a great deal.

 Kristopher said unlike some places that are dealing with strikes because of holiday hours, most of his staff will work Thanksgiving and they’re OK with it.

 He told us they become more like a family than coworkers at times like this. As to why more and more people are choosing to go out on this big day, he thinks it’s a simple lifestyle choice.

 “With as much as get up and go as we have these days as a society people are seeing a lot of the time-saving how much time can I save.”

 KRMG has compiled a list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving but if you know of more please leave them in the comments section below. Please call any of these locations before you go to make sure of schedule and availability.

Boston Deli, 6231 E. 61st St.

La Madeleine Country French Cafe, 1523 E. 15th St

Delta Café: 41 st & Garnett, 4515 E. 51 st St., 95 th St. N. & Hwy 169, Owasso

Luby’s: 71 st & Riverside m.

Cracker Barrel: 31 st & Memorial, 7128 S. Olympia, Hwy 169 & 96 th St N., Owasso

Canebrake resort, 4 miles east of Wagoner off Oklahoma 51.

Mimi’s Café: 71 st & Memorial.

DoubleTree at Warren Place: 6110 S. Yale Ave.

Village Inn: 2745 S. Harvard Ave, 3302 S. Memorial Dr., 5230 S. Yale Ave

Waffle House: 7022 S. Mingo Rd., 10516 E. 11 th St., N. Aspen Ave. Broken Arrow, I-44 & 193 rd E.Ave. Catoosa

Furr’s: 51 st & Sheridan Tulsa Marriott Southern Hills: 71 st & Lewis

Micheal V’s: 8222 E. 103 rd St. South 11 a.m. Golden Corral: 8144 E. 21 st St. 10 a.m..

Freddie's Bar-B-Que and Steak House, 1425 New Sapulpa Road

Hooter’s: 8108 E. 61 st St.

Michael V's, 8222 E. 103rd St,

IHop: 7123 S. Lewis Ave, 3130 S. Memorial

Osage Casino-Sand Springs, 301 Blackjack Drive

Osage Casino-Tulsa, 951 W. 36th St. North

Ruby Tuesday: 7806 E. Skelly Drive The Chalkboard: 18 th & Main

 Lone Star Steakhouse: 101 E. Albany St. Broken Arrow, 9013 N. 121 st E. Ave. Owasso -- Open 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Dave & Buster’s: 6812 S. 105 th E. Ave -- Open 3 p.m. – midnight

Rib Crib, all locations  

 Timmy’s: 10915 E. 31 st St..

Hard Rock Casino Wild Potato: I-44 and 193 rd E. Ave.

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