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Posted: 12:49 p.m. Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tourists rescued after being trapped on ice floe at sea

Two Americans on trip

Ice floe
Ice floe

By Rick Couri

In all twenty people were adrift on the ice as it made its way to sea.

The group had been part of an expedition to Baffin Island when the ice separated and moved quickly away.

The chunk they are stuck on is nearly 30 miles long but scientists warn it is melting rapidly.

The Canadian military is on the job but say it will take a while to get rescue choppers to the remote area and pick up all the people.

In the meantime, everyone is safe. "They've been able to locate the area and the folks that are stranded on the ice floe, and they've been able to drop survival rescue kits, which include large life-rafts as well as other survival equipment," one military spokesman claimed.

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