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Posted: 2:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017

Sometimes you SHOULD lie in a job interview

Site says these fibs are okay


A candidate brought a “how to interview book” with him to the interview. photo
Candidate brought a “how to interview book” with him to the interview.

By Steve Berg

You should ALWAYS tell the truth during job interviews... right?

Well, ALMOST always, says

There are some cases where they say it's okay to tell a small fib.

For example, when a job interviewer asks you where you see yourself in five years, don't say you plan to move on fast, even if you do, the site says.

Besides, the site says, you might be surprised how much you like the job and want to stay longer.

For the dreaded, "what's your greatest weakness question," name a real one, the site says, but maybe not the worst one, and quickly explain how you compensate for it.

When they ask how you're doing, the site recommends that you just smile and say you're good, even if you're not.

They don't really want to hear your problems.

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