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Posted: 1:10 p.m. Monday, Jan. 13, 2014

Radio host given psychiatric evaluation after gun incident

Host not arrested

By Rick Couri

Tom Bauerle had called police to report he was being spied on.

When cops got to his house Bauerle was so paranoid they had to whack a tree with a nite stick to prove it wasn’t a person.

Police were able to take a semi-automatic handgun away from the New York host, but he wouldn’t give up his other weapons.

Police confirm they have been to Bauerle’s house many times in the past few months after calls from concerned neighbors.

The Buffalo News reports Bauerle was convinced that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had sent people to spy on him.

Bauerle will be given a psychiatric evaluation and did eventually agree to allow his attorney to take possession of his guns.

The New York Daily News reports Bauerle has criticized Cuomo for his sponsoring of gun control laws. He told authorities the governor was out for revenge against him.

"Do not underestimate the venom of Andrew Cuomo and his minions," he proclaimed on his show last month.

"He will attempt to destroy anyone who gets in his way."

Bauerle was back on the air last Friday and explained to his audience he was "just exhausted."

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