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Posted: 7:24 a.m. Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Popular south Tulsa McDonalds undergoing complete facelift, redesign

(Photo) Throwback McDonald's sign
(Photo) Throwback McDonald's sign


(Photo) 91st and Memorial McDonald's photo
(Photo) 91st and Memorial McDonald's owner Bob Wagner
(Photo) 91st and Memorial McDonald's photo
(Photo) 91st and Memorial McDonald's
(Photo) 91st and Memorial McDonald's photo
(Photo) 91st and Memorial McDonald's

By Rick Couri

It was one of the only retro McDonald's restaurants left in Oklahoma with a 50’s motif that many loved. But now it’s surrounded by plywood and scaffolding as construction is underway. Here at KRMG we were getting questions by text, Facebook and Twitter asking if the 91st and Memorial restaurant is just being freshened up, or changed completely. So we made a call and then headed over to meet store owner Bob Wagner to get the latest. If you like the throw back style, there’s bad news. The retro look is going away and Bob knows that will bring some gnashing of teeth. “It’s hard to get rid of the nostalgia look for a lot of them and go to the new look.”

The next question seemed to be obvious, what is the new look? “It’s a very modern and contemporary look, a look that’s relevant today and certainly for the future and it will be very eye appealing” Bob told me. He continued “I know they’ll really like the exterior look of this restaurant.” “It has the stacked dry stone, the chocolate and beige colors with all the stainless and aluminum trim, it’ll be very contemporary, a very nice looking store” Bob finished.

Bob asked that we not take pictures during our interview “we don’t want to play all our cards at this time, it’s important that they come by in August and be part of our grand opening and see it all” he smiled as he said.

To hear the entire interview with Bob, click here.

Bob told KRMG that he has been getting questions about the construction because many people consider that store “their” McDonald's. “For most people McDonald's has been around all their life” Bob explained. “You can understand why people take ownership in that McDonalds and they want to tell you when it’s running good and when it’s running bad” he chuckled.

So the look will change but Bob says the really important thing hasn’t “the look changes but everything else is still the same.”

There’s one other thing to take note of. While the restaurant is completely covered with plywood and scaffolding you can still get your Big Mac fix. The dining room is closed but the drive through remains open. “With the massive remodel we added the double drive through configuration” Bob noted. ““The customers will really enjoy that, it cuts the order time in half and speeds up service.”

We did ask if the old style sign would stay and Bob told no. It turns out the sign is a reproduction, not an original so it will come down in favor of a brand new one.

Bob said the entire store should be finished in August and everyone will be invited to the grand opening.

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