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Posted: 7:03 a.m. Monday, Feb. 18, 2013

Oklahoma Senator not worried about sequestration

Coburn says common sense may come from automatic cuts


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U.S. Senator Tom Coburn photo
U.S. Senator Tom Coburn

By Rick Couri and Dick Loftin

Many are panicked and say the automatic cuts called sequestration will devastate many government programs and the military. Senator Tom Coburn isn’t convinced. “It needs to happen. Its baloney” Coburn began.

“The government is twice the size it was eleven and a half years ago.”

Coburn told KRMG news all the worry is over some very small cuts. “We’re talking about taking out of the discretionary programs over ten years, less than two and a half percent” Coburn explained.

Coburn talked exclusively with KRMG Afternoon News host Dick Loftin. Hear the interview with a single click.

The senator says that’s a number that wouldn’t scare a savvy boss “Tell me anybody in Oklahoma who runs a business who couldn’t under the proper circumstances take two and a quarter percent” he continued.

Having said that, Coburn wanted to point out that he still doesn’t like the automatic cuts “sequestration across the board is wrong” he began. “But since nobody up here has the courage to actually get rid of the wasteful programs and support the ones that are good then we are gonna suffer from it and some of it is going be inappropriate.”

Coburn won’t lose a lot of sleep over the whole thing because he thinks in the end, it may force some common sense.

“That won’t last long, and then the politicians will turn around and make the adjustments so that we cut the spending out of the stupid programs and enhance the spending in the programs that are necessary.”

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