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Posted: 1:52 a.m. Thursday, March 7, 2013

New clothing line will make you invisible to drones

New threads called Stealth Wear

(Photo) Drone proof clothing
Primitive London
(Photo) Drone proof clothing

By Rick Couri

New York artist and designer named Adam Harvey came up with the new gear.

The Items are made from special metal fibers that reflect heat. That makes it harder for drones to spot anyone through thermal surveillance. In order to make the items more comfortable Harvey is lining them with silk.

Harvey said he was inspired to make the clothes after he bought a thermal camera and began experimenting on what would block the heat signature. Along with designer  Johanna Bloomfield and her company Primitive London they have begun to maket the clothes.

The items are already getting some attention and orders from people working in Afghanistan.

The clothes aren’t necessarily stylish and they certainly aren’t cheap. A hoodie will set you back $487.45.

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