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Posted: 4:03 p.m. Friday, June 7, 2013

New app promises to make your cell untraceable by the government

Seecrypt says it protects calls and texts

By Rick Couri

They say timing is everything and in this case, that sure seems right.

The new app comes out at the same time revelations of government spying on every major cellular company and their customers calls and texts.

The app is called Seecrypt, its CEO and co-founder Mornay Walters told The Daily Caller it wasn’t easy to perfect.

“Creating a scalable encrypted voice-over-data application that can operate with minimal latency anywhere in the world is not easy,” Walters began. “Seecrypt met and surpassed this challenge by using a set of proprietary protocols and a carrier grade back-end infrastructure that operates on a privately controlled and globally deployed network.”

Seecrypt only works if both the caller and the person being called have the app installed. If that’s the case the cellular provider would only know the callers were using Seecrypt but wouldn’t see a phone number or ID

It also encrypts the conversation and data to keep it secure.

The company launched last year with versions of the app for both Apple and Android smart phones.

More here.

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