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Posted: 7:17 p.m. Sunday, May 22, 2011

Amazing video as people huddle in a Joplin convenience store during the tornado

Storm damage in Joplin
Storm damage in Joplin

By Rick Couri

 Emergency officials in Joplin report 89 dead with the total number more than likely to exceed 100 after a rain wrapped tornado ripped through the city Sunday evening. The tornado was described as a "multi vortex" twister which made a direct hit on the city and its most populated areas. Rangeline road, the center of Joplin’s current growth was hit the hardest near Interstate 44. 

Rangeline is much like 71st street in Tulsa between Memorial and Mingo. The area is loaded with restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, department stores and hotels that would have likely been full of people in the early evening when the tornado touched down.


Joplin's biggest hospital was hit along with several businesses and heavy damage is spread all over the southern part of the city with widespread injuries as well. St John regional hospital was evacuated and the building nearly destroyed. A family living 45 miles from the area says they found x-rays and other medical supplies in their yard. The storm also caused failure of the roof at two Joplin fire stations.

An EMSA strike team as well as the Tulsa Police Disaster Response Team from Tulsa are in Joplin to assist in the devastated area. 

Grove, OK was also hit Sunday evening as storms raced across the waters of Grand Lake destroying boat docks and damaging homes.

Check back with KRMG for more on this storm.

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