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Posted: 3:35 p.m. Monday, Jan. 14, 2013

Facebook now charging some users to send messages

Users will be able to pay $1 to route their messages to non-friends

By Staff

with help from the Associated Press

The next time you send a message to someone you aren't friends with could cost you.

Facebook says it just began testing a service that will charge users $1 to guarantee that messages they send to people they are not connected to arrive in users' inboxes, rather than in an often-ignored folder called "other."

The "other" folder, launched in 2011, is where Facebook routes messages the company deems less relevant.

Not quite spam, these include messages from people you most likely don't know, based on Facebook's reading of your social connections.

Many users ignore this folder.

Now, users will be able to pay $1 to route their messages to non-friends.

Facebook claims it is testing the service with a small percentage of individuals, not businesses, in the U.S.

KRMG has discovered that some of its employees are part of that so-called test.

Others are not.

"For example, if you want to send a message to someone you heard speak at an event but are not friends with, or if you want to message someone about a job opportunity, you can use this feature to reach their Inbox," Facebook said in an online post. "For the receiver, this test allows them to hear from people who have an important message to send them."

The company says charging for messages could help discourage spammers.

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