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Posted: 10:58 a.m. Friday, Nov. 9, 2012

Dog lovers in Broken Arrow are about to get their first park

Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue
Dog up for adoption

By April Hill

A five acre park is going in at the corner of 101st and the Creek Turnpike.

Right now Broken Arrow pet lovers like Cristina Guerra have to haul their dogs quite a ways to the two parks in Tulsa.

She's excited about the park plans.

She tells KRMG, "It's incredible. It would be a great place to go meet people in the community where we live. Also, really nice to be able to go somewhere that's not so far to let the dogs socialize. And then I have my personal dogs."

Guerra has 300 dogs in her shelter and says parks are great for finding new homes.

Hear more about Guerra's animal rescue by clicking here.

A couple in Broken Arrow, Monte and Joan Dunham, is donating the land.

The city budgeted $100,000 in the current budget to cover the first phase of Rose West Park.

That takes care of a parking lot, fencing and some landscaping.

City leaders still need $574,000 to finish the project.

Stephanie Higgins, a city spokesperson, says the planning commission approved a plan for play structures, water hydrants and separate yards for large and small dogs.

The City Council approved the park in October 2011.

The Planning Commission adopted the site plan a couple of weeks ago.

City planners hope to have the park finished by spring of 2013.

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