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Updated: 5:04 p.m. Monday, Sept. 24, 2012 | Posted: 11:54 p.m. Monday, Sept. 24, 2012

Fourth victim identified in Victory sex scandal, more charges filed

Suit: Damages $75,000 plus possible punitive damages

Victory Christian Center, Tulsa
Victory Christian Center, Tulsa

By Russell Mills  and  Staff

Tulsa, Okla. —

Another victim has been identified in the Victory Christian Center sex scandal.

KRMG has just learned that a 4th victim has been identified.

Investigators tell KRMG that Chris Denman used Facebook to proposition a 12-year-old girl in early to mid-August while the other incidents were going on.

This afternoon, two more charges were filed against Denman.

Court records show that Denman now faces six charges, including today's lewd proposal to a child and use of a computer to facilitate a sex crime.

Tulsa Police don't believe Victory Christian Center officials knew about the latest incident.

Tulsa Police Corporal Greg Smith says, "I don't know that Victory knew about this particular incident in which the charges are being filed today. They did not mention it to us (T.P.D.) and they've been fairly forthcoming with information since they made the original report on the 30th of August."

Five staffers at Victory Christian Center face charges of failure to report child abuse, a misdemeanor, after they apparently knew about the reported rape of a 13-year-old girl as well as other sexual improprieties by VCC employees but failed to tell police for more than two weeks.

Those charges were filed last Monday.

Court documents obtained by KRMG indicate Paul Wilemstein, Anna George, Harold (Frank) Sullivan, Charica Daugherty and John Daugherty each face one count of failure to report child abuse.

Also Monday, Tulsa County D.A. Tim Harris' office charged former VCC employee Israel Castillo with one count each of lewd or indecent proposal to a child and use of a computer to facilitate a sex crime.

Both of those charges are felonies.

KRMG was the first to report that Castillo was under investigation after charges of rape, sodomy, lewd molestation and use of a computer to facilitate a sex crime were filed against Chris Denman.

Both Denman and Castillo were interns employed at VCC at the time the reported crimes occurred in early to mid-August.

The mother of a 13-year-old girl police say was raped by Denman at Victory Christian Center by an employee sued the church last Friday, claiming their failure to report the attack for more than two weeks inflicted emotional distress on the girl.

In the filing obtained by KRMG, the plaintiff's attorney writes that Chris Denman, the suspect in the rape case, "utilized the access, trust, and proximity of his role as an agent and employee of Defendant to engage in a course of psychological, physical and sexual exploitation and abuse of Child Victim."

It goes on to say that Victory Christian Center's "response to this tragedy was to attempt to conceal the sexual assault from the public eye, Child Victim's Parent and the appropriate authorities."

It adds that "Defendant chose to conduct its own 'investigation' with the ultimate purpose of doing damage control as opposed to protecting Child Victim."

The suit alleges Victory "used four of its adult leaders, including Youth Director Paul Willemstein and High School Outreach Program Director, Anna George, to question and intimidate Child Victim so as to conceal her rape from the public and Parent. During this questioning, Willemstein and George repeatedly told Child Victim the assault was her fault. These acts were done in furtherance of a scheme to protect the church's reputation, in total disregard of Child Victim's and Parent's rights."

Attorney Michael Atkinson of the firm Atkinson, Haskins, Nellis, Holeman, Brittingham, Gladd and Carwile, spoke with KRMG Friday afternoon about the reasons for filing the suit.

"We believe that Victory Christian was more interested in protecting its own reputation rather than doing what they should have done and report the sexual episode to the police and more importantly to this young girl's parents," Atkinson said.

"We're talking about two things. We're talking about concealment, and we're talking about trying to make the child feel guilty.  We're particularly offended by the church's efforts to convince the child that she had some role, or that she consented to this sexual assault."

The suit asks for damages of $75,000, plus possible punitive damages.

KRMG again contacted the church for comment, but our call has not been returned.

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