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Posted: 8:51 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012

Inhofe: Crowley’s debate interruption of Romney 'orchestrated'

The Oklahoma Senator believes Crowley gave advantage to Obama


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Mitt Romeny


President Obama


By Rick Couri

Senator Jim Inhofe was amazed and angered when moderator Candy Crowley interrupted Mitt Romney during the debate to side with President Obama on an issue. 

It came when the candidates were talking about the attacks on the United States embassy in Libya. Romney was saying the president took nearly eight days to call the attack terrorism. 

Mr. Obama disagreed and Crowley interjected and told Romney the President had in fact, called the attack a terrorist act during a Rose Garden speech the day after the incident. “I’ve never seen a moderator in a major debate interfere with the two people and take one side and indicate the other one was not telling the truth” Inhofe told KRMG news Wednesday morning. “I think there was a definite advantage that she was giving the President but I think we knew that ahead of time” Inhofe commented.

Taking it one step further, Inhofe wondered “did the President willfully lie and was that a set-up deal with Crowley?”

Inhofe explained further “we went back and checked on that, he was not referring to Benghazi or to Cairo, he was talking about 9-11 and this was the anniversary of 9-11” the Senator began. “She (Crowley) chimed in and said yes, he said it was a terrorist attack and then an hour later changed, that’s why I think it was orchestrated.”   

Listen to the entire interview with Inhofe by clicking here.

Interruptions aside, Inhofe told KRMG he was pleased with Romney’s performance “absolutely, he did great” Inhofe began. “I think he did very well and I think it makes the last debate even more significant” the Senator went on. 

Inhofe reminded KRMG he didn’t begin the campaign in the Romney camp “I had the great wisdom to have Rick Perry as the one I thought was going to win” he chuckled. “He lasted about three days.”

But Inhofe is warming up to Romney “I think he’s much better than I ever thought he was before, he’s improved so much over four years ago when we watched him in the debate.”

The Senator thinks the wave of support Romney has built will carry him over the final three weeks of the campaign “I think you’re going to see that bounce in his poll numbers that came from his first debate is going to be maintained” Inhofe finished up.

The third and final Presidential debate will take place Monday night in Florida. You will be able to hear it and follow all the response at KRMG and