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UT Group Cancels 'Catch An Illegal Immigrant' Event

The University of Texas at Austin is sounding off after a student group planned a controversial immigration event. It involved members pretending to be illegal immigrants and students “capturing those immigrants” for a reward.

The group behind the game, Young Conservatives of Texas, calls it “Catch an Illegal Immigrant.”  According to texas radio KUT, as of Tuesday morning, the game had been called off by YCT chairman Lorenzo Garcia.

"Garcia claims he canceled the event out of fears the university would retaliate against the group's members, 'and that the protest against the event could create a safety issue for our volunteers.'" (Via KUT.org)

Before cancelling, Garcia had been making the media rounds in defense of the game and clarifying its intention.

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On Monday, KXAN broke down the rules of “Catch an Illegal Immigrant” and allowed the chairman to explain.

REPORTER: "... Any UT student who brings them back to the group will receive a $25 gift card."

GARCIA: "We're trying to highlight the fact that illegal immigrants, they take more than what they give in terms of taxes, in terms of resources, in terms of economic output…" (Via KXAN)

By early Tuesday, word had reached univeristy officials,which prompted them to prepare this statement condemning the game.

"... they are willfully ignoring the honor code and contributing to the degradation of our campus culture … Such actions are counterproductive to true dialogue on our campus, and it is unrepresentative of the ideals toward which our community strives." (Via University of Texas at Austin)

HLN surveyed the student population who seems to agree with the college.

"For them to say that they can just chase anyone who is undocumented, that's very insulting to me and to every single undocumented person who is on campus ... I think its a little disrespectful. I think they're making a joke out of it ... This wasn't best way to approach the situation, especially making a mockery of people that deal with this real life situation." (Via HLN)

Garcia and the YCT believe their “shock and awe” tactics are necessary to drum up a conversation.  In The Texas Tribune the chairman adds…

"If we held a forum or a public debate no one would show up … But if we have an event like this it gets people talking about and if it gets people talking about it then we’ve succeeded." (Via The Texas Tribune)

UT’s chapter of YCT is no stranger to controversy. In September, the group held an “affirmative action bake sale.”

According to The Houston Chronicle, the group priced the brownies sold based on the race and gender of the buyer. This again led university officials to condemn the event calling it "inflammatory and demeaning."

 NPR reports The University of Texas permits undocumented immigrants to enroll under Texas Law. There are an estimated 400 undocumented students at the university.

See more at Newsy.com

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  • If you have outdoor plans for today, there will be no need to keep your eyes on the sky. National Weather Service Meteorologist Mark Plate says conditions will remain pleasant throughout the day in the Tulsa area. “It should still be a pretty nice day,” Plate said.  “Partly cloud skies, with the high temperature in the upper 80s.  Relatively low humidity values and light winds.” The low Sunday night will be around 63 degrees. We’ll see more of the same to start the work week.  NWS reports sunny skies though Wednesday and highs will remain in the upper 80s.  
  • If you’re carrying trafficking amounts of drugs, it’s probably not a good idea to drive through a police barricade.   Rufus Newsome learned that lesson the hard way Saturday night, when he reportedly drove through a barricade at the Tulsa officer-involved shooting scene.  This happened around 9:35 p.m., near 3rd and Garnett.  Police say Newsome was driving at a high-rate of the speed after passing the barricade and could have hit multiple pedestrians.  Eventually, he stopped and tried his luck on foot.   “Caught the suspect and the suspect resisted by pulling his hands away,” police said.  “As he was in custody, he spit two times on (officer’s name redacted).” Officers recovered a trafficking amount of cocaine base.   Newsome has been booked into the Tulsa County Jail.  
  • A suspect is dead, following an officer-involved shooting Saturday night near 4th and Garnett. Tulsa police report a pursuit stopped in the area and a suspect tried to flee on foot.   KRMG’s told he ran to a home, tried to kick in the door and then reportedly pulled out a gun.  During this time, he was shot by officers.   Neighbors we spoke to were concerned because they weren't sure what had happened. “All of a sudden we heard the gunshots,” a witness said.  “We didn’t know what was going on.” So far, no names have been released. We do know the suspect was said to be riding in a stolen car. KRMG will update the story when more information comes into the newsroom.
  • Responding to concerns about personal security for lawmakers after last week’s gun attack at a Congressional baseball practice, U.S. House leaders are moving to provide extra money to members for protection back home, as well as new funding to bolster the work of police and security officials on Capitol Hill. Under a plan approved by a House spending subcommittee on Friday, the Congress would provide an extra $7.5 million next year to the Capitol Police for an “increased security posture” around the Capitol, along with $5 million to the House Sergeant at Arms to help with security for lawmakers back in their districts. “We are taking a new fresh look at security,” said Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS), the Chairman of subcommittee that deals with funding for the Legislative Branch. Our FY18 Legislative Branch funding bill increases efficiency & transparency in Congress, enhances security for Members & our constituents. pic.twitter.com/FI36tF2XeH — Rep. Kevin Yoder (@RepKevinYoder) June 22, 2017 “The tragic events of June 14 weigh heavily on these deliberations,” said Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ), the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, which could vote on the extra money as early as this next week. Also being put into motion is a separate plan to funnel an extra $25,000 to each member of the House – about $11 million in all – to help them increase security back in their districts. “The scariest part for us is there used to be this impression by the public that we all had security everywhere we went,” said Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH). “Now, everyone knows that isn’t the case,” Ryan added, as he lent his support to the extra funding for security as well. The money in this budget bill would not take effect until the new fiscal year – which starts October 1 – so, House leaders are ready to okay extra money immediately for members worried about security back in their districts. Roll Call newspaper reported that could be approved in coming days by the House Administration Committee. Yoder said Congressional leaders are also waiting to see if money raised in campaign contributions for House elections could be put to use for security as well. “Pending an FEC (Federal Election Commission) decision, we’re also looking at whether campaign funds could be used to continue to support security upgrades at personal residences,” Yoder added.
  • An unknown aged girl went to the hospital with burns to her legs, following an overnight house fire. KRMG’s told the fire started around 2:40 a.m., at a residence on West 50th Court North. The homeowner says he was able to get his daughter, grand daughter and sleeping brother out of the house. So far, firefighters haven't released a cause for the fire.  The homeowner believes fumes from a gas can in the garage may have cause the blaze.