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Tulsans thrilled to get outside and enjoy the cooler weather

Tulsans thrilled to get outside and enjoy the cooler weather

Tulsans thrilled to get outside and enjoy the cooler weather
Photo Credit: Russell Mills

Tulsans thrilled to get outside and enjoy the cooler weather

Weather in Oklahoma is a constant concern. From winter ice storms and blizzards to spring floods and summer heat or tornados, we see it all.

The average Oklahoman spends most of their time hiding inside under an air conditioner.

But when it comes to weather, fall is the payoff pitch for our state.

Temperatures fall and storms settle down long enough for us to attend football games and re-acquaint ourselves to things we just won’t do when it’s over 100 degrees.

“I like to sit outside on the back porch, just relax and enjoy the weather,” Mark told KRMG news.  

Phil told us it gives him a chance to reconnect a little.

“I can get outside and play disc golf with my son.”

And while fun is on the agenda, he says less heat helps the must do tasks as well "it sure makes it easier to do the yardwork," he smiled.

Alan Crone from the NewsOn6 told us the best news of all is, the worst of the heat is well behind us.

“Never say never but at this point it looks like at this point we should be finished (with 100+ temps), at this point we’re on the downhill slide.”

Listen here as Tulsan's talk about the cooler weather.

We asked a group at a Tulsa park what they looked the most forward to doing in the new cooler weather.

“I’d like to not go to work but I have to,” one lady laughed.

“I work because I like to but if I weren’t working I’d go fishing,” said another.

And when we visited Mark again, he told us the temps now are perfect for something a little more adventurous.

“I actually am into shooting at the USA Shooting Academy” he began. “I’ll go out there and enjoy the weather, get away from everything and just shoot.”

Some have to be outside no matter what.

Blayne plays in the Pride of Broken Arrow Marching Band.

They practice for hours per day no matter how hot it gets.

The August work was difficult, but he says now "it feels pretty amazing, especially when there's a good breeze blowing through the stadium and the sun isn't beating down on you."

As you can imagine one of the things at the top of most outside lists has to do with a little white ball.

“I would love to be on the golf course, probably won’t get there but that’s what I’d love to do,” Janine said.

High temperatures in the next three days are less than 85 degrees and there might even be some rain so it really looks like fall is here to stay.

Remember you can always check the five day forecast and see interactive radar at KRMG.com.

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