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Man questioned about Facebook post in Okmulgee shooting case

Man questioned about Facebook post in Okmulgee shooting case

Man questioned about Facebook post in Okmulgee shooting case

Man questioned about Facebook post in Okmulgee shooting case


A little girl shot by a stray bullet during a fireworks show went back to the hospital on Monday with new injuries.

FOX23 News has been following this story since the girl was hurt on Thursday night when police say someone shot a gun in the air.

The family tells FOX23 News doctors say they found a fractured rib from the bullet's impact and there is swelling on her shoulder where the bullet went through her body.

The shooter hasn't been caught and police are tracking down leads in Okmulgee.

When a tipster saw a Facebook post that said "the 4th of July is the only time you can shoot a firearm in the city limits and not get in trouble,” they called police.

Investigators said that person admitted to making the post but denied shooting a gun during the fireworks show.

The fireworks show was the first for 3-year-old Adrian Vincent.

"She was really enjoying the fireworks. She was like, 'Oh look at the fireworks,'" said Josh Vincent.

Her father said Adrian started screaming and the mother called for help.

"I had no idea what hit her. I started screaming to stop the fireworks," said Amanda Vincent.

Police later confirmed there was a bullet lodged in Adrian's shoulder.

"I thought I was going to lose her," said Vincent.

Since FOX23 News sat down with the Vincent family from Bixby, on Friday, her parents say Adrian has swelling, a fractured rib and doctors felt it was safer to keep the bullet in her shoulder.


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On Sunday, she celebrated her 4th birthday.

Back in Okmulgee police are following up on leads.

"It will be an uphill battle," said Okmulgee Police Chief Joe Prentice.

With the bullet lodged in the girl, investigators will not be able to do a ballistics match with bullets recovered.
Prentice said someone called about a bullet in the parking lot of Truck Works. FOX23 News found it's about four blocks northwest of First National Bank & Trust where Adrian was hit by the bullet.

"The bullet that was found is consistent with the bullet that was found in the little girl in size, based on what the doctor told us," said Prentice.

The family tells FOX23 News while Adrian was in the ER on Monday they measured the bullet and was at least a .40 caliber.

"I lost it. It was bad. I was right there but I couldn't protect her," said Josh Vincent.
He wished he could have protected his daughter from a person who shot their gun in the air during a fireworks show.
I want them to see what their actions did, for being stupid and shooting, and anyone should know that," said Vincent.

Investigators are following up with other names brought up in the interview with the person who made the Facebook post.

If you have any information, please call the Okmulgee Police Department at 918-756-3511.

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