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Habitat for Humanity takes on an entire neighborhood in Tulsa

Habitat for Humanity takes on an entire neighborhood in Tulsa

Habitat for Humanity takes on an entire neighborhood in Tulsa
Photo Credit: Russell Mills

Habitat for Humanity takes on an entire neighborhood in Tulsa

Hundreds of volunteers will turn out over the next few days to begin a massive project to clean up a Tulsa neighborhood.

Organized by Tulsa Habitat for Humanity and funded by Hilti, the project is dubbed "Brush With Kindness."

It is a three to five year project to restore sidewalks, clean up alleys, fix up homes, and generally improve the entire area.

THFH Executive Director Paul Kent told KRMG it's a way to impact many more families than a normal project would.

Building one home certainly is important, but this sort of project can help dozens of families lead a better life.

The area in question surrounds Crutchfield Park, southeast of Pine and Peoria at Quaker and Independence.

"Over the last 19 months we've built 17 new homes," Kent told KRMG, "and we wanted to be able to have a greater impact on the number of families in the neighborhood."

He says volunteers from several other communities have come to Tulsa to help.

One woman from Springfield told us "the project sounds fascinating, that this affiliate would take on such a sizeable project to renovate an inner-city neighborhood."

They're seeking volunteers.

If you'd like to take action and help, here's how (information from the Tulsa Habitat for Humanity website:


To Volunteer May 2- 5 for the  ABWK CRUTCHFIELD,  please fill out this release form. -CLICK HERE

In order to effectively tackle the work at hand, we are seeking 500 volunteers a day. What a great way to spend a spring day outdoors, supporting your neighbors.To register to volunteer CLICK HERE.

If your company, church or other group would like to help, please contact Paula Blalock at pblalock@tulsahabitat.org for a group registration form. You must complete this form with number of volunteers and the day your group is available to help.

 Donate material

Donations of materials help keep costs low, and are tax-deductible. In order to complete the projects associated with A Brush with Kindness, we are in need of basic exterior maintenance and lawn care items. Following is a list of specific needs:

• Gasoline

• Gas cans

• Gas powered chain saws

• Gas powered edgers

• Gas powered weed eaters

• Flat nose shovels

• Two or four prong hoes

• Lopping shears

Of course this is just a sampling of materials that will be used to to help the homeowners in the Crutchfield Neighborhood. For a complete list of needed  items CLICK HERE.

 Donate food

We will also be supporting a food drive in cooperation with the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. The Food Bank is the largest, private hunger-relief organization in Eastern Oklahoma which helps to feed more than 70,000 people in our communities each week.

 Stay connected and share with friends!

We encourage you to keep up with the project and share with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/TulsaHabitatForHumanityABWK

Use the hashtag #ABWKCrutchfield on Twitter

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