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Broken Arrow native Kristin Chenoweth: 'I'm healing but still in pain'

Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth tells KRMG about the accident that sidelined her 8 weeks ago after a light hit her in the head.

She was shooting a scene on 'The Good Wife' for CBS on July 11th when she was hit in the face by the light bar and was knocked to the ground where she hit the back of her head on the curb.

Her injuries include a fractured skull, a cracked nose and rib and neck issues.

“And I think that I am really lucky because it could have been a lot worse. It could have been fatal and I guess it just wasn’t my time,” says Chenoweth.

Listen to entire interview with Kristin Chenoweth

She tells KRMG that she doesn't remember a great deal about that first week.

Chenoweth says her voice and vocal chords are fine, but she is still building stamina to get back to performing because her neck muscles are weak and that does impact her singing.

She has three concerts scheduled for November and hopes to keep those dates.

Chenoweth says she still gets pain in her head and neck, but is getting better.

She’s just now publicly talking about the extent of her injuries from July.

“I didn’t want anyone feeling sorry for me,” says Chenoweth, “I think any head trauma or head injury is not good but mine is combined with other things too so that has been kind of a bummer.”

Those other things, she explains, are neck and back injuries related to her time on the stage and she specifically mentioned the role of "Glinda" in "Wicked" on Broadway.

Chenoweth says she was forced to pull out of a movie, cancel a concert set for London and to pull out of what would have been a recurring role on ‘The Good Wife’ on CBS because of her injuries.

The accident on the set of ‘The Good Wife’ happened days after Chenoweth had returned home to Broken Arrow and the Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center theatre was named in her honor.

The recovery has delayed everything that she was working on, but now she is ready to get back to work especially with her ideas for the BA PAC.

“One of the things I want to do is start a concert series and I know that Mark Frie the guy that runs the place would be interested in that too. It’s something that bears my name so I want other talented Broadway people to come and sing and perform and do their thing,” says Chenoweth.

She tells me she would love to be in the audience for some of those performances and may even sneak back to town.

In fact, she says she does that sometimes because it makes life easier, ”You know put my hair in a ponytail with no make-up and be myself and have fun.”

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