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Broken Arrow man asked for help before disappearance

Broken Arrow man asked for help before disappearance

Broken Arrow man asked for help before disappearance
Photo Credit: Courtesy BAPD

Broken Arrow man asked for help before disappearance

Clues in the mysterious case of a missing Broken Arrow man have turned cold and Broken Arrow police say the tip hotline isn't ringing.

Justin Cobb was last seen at his friend’s Quickie Mart near 51st and Peoria on August 10th.

His cousin, Kandi Payne, says he told his friend he was in trouble.

The friend thought Cobb was talking about overheating because he had just finished his last air conditioning repair job for the day and looked hot.

She says, “My cousin grabbed a bottle of water. He’s like I’m going to go to the hospital and he got back in his van and drove off.”

Two weeks before Cobb’s disappearance, he went to the hospital over heat exhaustion.

Now family and friends wonder if he meant something else when he said he was in trouble and was never seen again.

Payne tells KRMG, “That’s what we’re all wondering. Was he needing medical attention or was he in trouble in some other way?”

The 34-year-old worked for MarkWayne Mullin’s heat and air conditioning company.

Mullin is now running for congress.

Payne says he was going through some tough times.

“He wasn’t happy at work.”

KRMG called Mullin for a comment.

He said he wanted to leave the comments up to the detectives.

Cobb was also having a hard time with some family members.

Most of them say he was happy and fun to be around.

Payne says he would never just walk away from his life.

Justin Cobb's cousin goes into detail about what happened before and after he vanished.

She says the proof was in his work van.

It was found four days after the disappearance in a rural area of Okmulgee County.

“Whenever they found the van, the credit card was in the wallet. The wallet had been untouched. Everything else was in there. They found his keys, his cell phone, computers. His clothes and everything were outside the van.”

Payne says she has no idea what her cousin would be doing in Okmulgee County.

They don’t have any family there.

Investigators at the Broken Arrow Police Department tell KRMG a man checking deer stands found the van.

They're hoping deer season brings more hunters with more clues.

Meanwhile, the family is posting flyers everywhere and spreading the word.

They have started a Facebook page to help track down leads.

Cobb’s cousin says, “Now that it’s been six weeks we’re starting to have feelings that he’s not alive anymore. But, we’re still praying and keeping faith.”

Cobb was 34-years-old when he went missing.

His 35th birthday was the first week of September.

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