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Posted: 5:33 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011

April Hill

KRMG's April Hill
KRMG's April Hill

April Hill first started at Newstalk KRMG part-time as the weekend anchor in October, 2008. During the week, she was the 5 p.m. producer at KJRH. In August, 2011, Hill joined the KRMG crew full-time. Four months later, she was promoted to morning anchor with the KRMG Morning News with Joe Kelley.

April was nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Newscast in 2011 and numerous awards for television news reporting while in Lincoln, Nebraska. In 2009, she was nominated for top up-and-coming business leaders by the Tulsa Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Hill grew up in a small town about 80 miles north of Tulsa on Highway 75. At the time, Independence, Kansas, didn’t have shops like Subway and Walmart. Bartlesville was the closest mall. If she needed something special, like a prom dress, she and her mom would drive to Tulsa. For her 16th birthday, her parents brought her to the Tulsa Performing Arts Center to see Les Miserables.

The number of veterans in April’s family is unbelievable considering her family’s small size.  Three members are serving in the current war. Her father served in the Vietnam War and her two grandfathers in World War II. Her ancestors also fought in the Civil War. If you’re a veteran and see her out and about, tap her on the shoulder and say hello.

Another passion is spreading awareness about Morgellons. Her brother suffers from the mysterious condition. She’s proud that the only private researcher looking into the illness is here in Tulsa. Dr. Randy Wymore works out of OSU-Tulsa and April checks in with him periodically.

In April’s off-time, her rescue dog Teeny is always at her side. She likes to spend time with friends and family with a camera in hand.  She also calls herself a habitual re-decorator.