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Posted: 4:53 p.m. Thursday, March 24, 2011

House Talk with Markwayne Mullin

House Talk with Markwayne Mullin

Saturday 8am-9am

Save big bucks by doing home improvement projects yourself or by finding the right contractor for your job. Join Markwayne Mullin of Mullin Plumbing and other contracting experts as they answer your home repair and remodeling questions.

About Markwayne Mullin

Markwayne Mullin is the president and owner of Mullin Plumbing, Mullin Pumping, Morris Plumbing, The Red Rooter, Mullin Properties, and Oklahoma Fight Club. These enterprises provide plumbing services to the better part of northeast Oklahoma, from Tulsa to Oklahoma City, and the surrounding areas.

Markwayne is also involved in many organizations and leadership programs including both the Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau for Broken Arrow as well as Oklahoma City.

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