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Archaeologists discover Viking parliament under parking lot

Archaeologists in Scotland have uncovered what looks to be an ancient Viking parliament underneath a parking lot, of all places.

Excavations in the town of Dingwall unearthed what’s known as a “Thing” site. The term comes from the Old Norse word ping, meaning assembly. (Via The Scotsman)

These “Thing” sites acted as meeting places for ancient Norsemen to settle disputes and make laws. This one in particular, historians believe, was built at the instruction of the powerful Viking chief known as Thorfinn the Mighty. (Via History Channel)

The team was originally tipped off to the site because the name of the town, Dingwall, probably came from the Viking word thingvellir — meaning “the field of the assembly.” (Via YouTube / Nigel Cole)

Using radioactive carbon isotopes, the team was able to date the charcoal found in the soil, which they discovered dated back to the medieval period. (Via BBC)

The site’s director told LiveScience “It’s a fantastic find, really. No one's had dating [information] from a Thing site in Scotland.”

Gizmodo points out there have been other ancient discoveries paved over in the U.K.

Just last February, researchers identified the skull of King Richard III under a parking lot in Leicester, England. (Via National Geographic)

And in April, archaeologists uncovered the skeletal remains of eight people believed to be the relatives of a medieval knight — also under a parking lot. (Via Daily Mail)

The archaeologists behind this latest find say they hope their discovery can help them learn more about the Norse Vikings and their raids across Europe. 

- See more at Newsy.com

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  • A Facebook scam is making its rounds on the internet targeting Lowe’s Home Improvements. The Facebook post claims that Lowe’s is offering $50-off coupons for Mother’s Day. When clicking on the Facebook post, a user-friendly survey will appear on a website that resembles Lowe’s website. However, this fraudulent page is a scam and looking to steal your information. Those who participate have no chance of getting a gift card. There is a survey linked to the scam that reads: Congratulations! You have been selected to take part in our short survey to have a chance to get $50 Coupon!We only have 332 coupons remaining so hurry up! 1/3: Have you ever been at Lowe’s? Yes No Don’t remember Customers are also looking to Lowe’s and asking whether the coupon is valid. Lowe’s said the offer is a phishing scam to gather personal information and they aren’t affiliated with the fraudsters in any way. Please be careful when responding to any pop-up ad either online or via social media; as, more often than not, the offer of gift cards or other prizes to customer’s in the guise of a specific company are set up to get your personal information for nefarious purposes. The scam also requires victims to pass it to their friends, officials say. Here are some tips to help you avoid online coupon scams, according to the Better Business Bureau: Check out who is offering the coupon. Verify whether the coupon is legit by visiting the company’s website. Be cautious of pop-up offers. Read the fine print. Watch out for a reward that’s too good to be true. Pay attention to having to enter personal information to win a gift card. Check to see if the coupon is honored by the store. Be wary of required phone calls. Don’t fall for phony coupons via e-mail.
  • The World Health Organization estimates well over 200 million people a year contract malaria, and more than 400,000 die from it - despite the fact that it is treatable with medication. The problem, of course, is that many of the dozens of countries which suffer from outbreaks of malaria, most are impoverished, third-world nations with little access to medical care for their inhabitants. Blessings International, a non-profit based in Broken Arrow, was founded 35 years ago to help distribute medicine to those millions of under-served people. Tuesday, April 25th has been designated as World Malaria Day by the WHO, and Blessings decided they wanted to do something special to attract attention to the problem. They hit upon the idea of setting a new world record for the longest line of pinwheels, according to spokesman David Harder. He says they contacted Guinness World Records to establish the guidelines for setting the record. The pinwheels can be no further than one centimeter apart, apparently, and there has to be at least a thousand of them. “What we’re going to do is try to set up 1,070 pinwheels, and each pinwheel will stand for 200,000 people which are infected (with malaria),” he told KRMG Monday. They’re asking people to sponsor the pinwheels, to help them raise funds. The pinwheels will start going up at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday in front of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, 4250 West Houston Street (81st), Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Text “nomalaria” to 41444 to donate to Blessings International’s efforts to purchase and distribute medicine for malaria patients. You can also donate to this or other projects on the Blessings International website.
  • More details are released in a recent airline incident. The Chicago aviation police officer who pulled a man off a United Airlines flight describes the man as physically and verbally combative during the incident. In response to a Freedom of Information Act request by The Associated Press, the aviation department released the officer's version of the April 9 incident for the first time and named the officer for the first time. Earlier this month, Dr. David Dao's lawyer said the 69-year-old Kentucky physician suffered a broken nose and broken teeth. In his report, officer James Long said that Dao was flailing his arms. Long says when he pulled Dao from his seat, Dao knocked his arms away, fell and struck his mouth on an armrest. The report doesn't detail Dao's injuries. Dao's lawyer says he will file a lawsuit.
  • Arkansas carries out an execution that takes 17 minutes to complete. The second inmate put to death by Arkansas on Monday night had labored breathing, then grimaced slightly before losing consciousness. We’re told an Associated Press reporter witnessed Marcel Williams' execution. Williams' execution began at 10:16 p.m., about two hours later than planned after a judge issued, then lifted, a temporary stay. He took several deep breaths shortly after the lethal injection began, and his breathing appeared to stop about 8 minutes after the start. Williams was pronounced dead at 10:33 p.m. Williams weighed 400 pounds, and his attorneys had argued that his lethal injection could cause excessive pain because of his health. A federal judge has lifted her court order that temporarily blocked Arkansas from executing two inmates in one night. Attorneys for Marcel Williams had questioned whether the night's first execution of Jack Jones went properly.
  • Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu was on a flight to New Jersey recently, and nothing bad happened! In fact, it was really good! That's news in itself nowadays. Yahoo Sports says he got a handwritten note from a couple who was sitting behind him with their 10-year-old son. It said the boy was watching how polite Sanu was to everyone and even noting Sanu's healthy snack choices. They say he made a very positive impression on their son and that he should be proud. Sanu tweeted a picture of the note and said it definitely made him smile. You can read more about the story here.