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Donald Trump at the RNC

A wrap-up from the RNC

Four days are in the books and the Cleveland airport is hopping as delegates, media, and politicians head home from the Republican National Convention.  Donald Trump spoke for 76 minutes, one of the longest acceptance speeches in history. His daughter Ivanka may have hit the biggest home run of the ...

CHP at the square

DAY 4: KRMG updates from the GOP convention in Cleveland

Day 4 - The Final Day: Thursday, July 21 - 10:38pm - That's a wrap, but we are not done yet.  Make sure you tune in tomorrow morning to the KRMG Morning News as Dan and Rick are in Cleveland, OH for one more morning before they come home after ...

More from the RNC

DAY 3: KRMG updates from the GOP convention in Cleveland

DAY 3: Wednesday, July 20 - 6:12pm - Rick goes back to the scene where the earlier arrests took place.  Security is not messing around. Wednesday, July 20, 5:00 - Things have quieted down now and the once closed entrance is now back open. The huge contingent of law enforcement ...

Lady being helped into the convention area by two officers

DAY 2: KRMG updates from the GOP convention in Cleveland

DAY 2: Tuesday, July 19 - 6:38pm - 20 minutes until Dan and Rick finish up their second round of on air duties today, live from the RNC. Tuesday, July 19 - 6:00pm - Just as Dan and Rick settle in to do the network show on air, Oklahoma was ...

From the GOP convention

DAY 1: KRMG updates from the GOP convention in Cleveland

The KRMG Morning News is in Cleveland all week to cover the Republican National Convention and all that takes place there. Check in several times every day to find the latest. Monday, July 18 - 4:20pm -- It was a rocky start to the convention when delegates from several states tried ...

5 items