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Freebie Corner: Free Krispy Kreme for Daylight Savings

Daylight savings time is this weekend and Krispy Kreme is giving everyone a free doughnut. All you have to do is stop in to get one on March 10th! 

How about a box of free hair color? L'Oreal is giving out 10,000 free boxes a day until the 18th. There are even two free full size beauty products, Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream Lash Cream Duo and Physicians Formula Wrinkle Filler Deep Moisture Repair. Both are great products so getting one free makes them even better. 

The free paint I mentioned last week finally has the coupon available online, just print it out and take it to Ace Hardware to claim yours. If you're a coffee drinker, get yourself a free travel coffee mug!

Freebie #1:
 Doughnut at Kripsy Kreme - In honor of Daylight Savings Time, Krispy Kreme is giving everyone a free doughnut on March 10th. No coupon necessary, one per person.

Freebie #2:
 L'Oreal Healthy Look Hair Color - Until March 18th L'Oreal is giving away 10,000 boxes of hair color everyday. No daily start time is given, you have to keep checking to see if the offer is live. Use the coupon sent to you by mail to get your choice of color in stores.

Freebie #3:
 Full Size Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream Lash Serum Duo - Offer from Vocalpoint, log in or register to get yours! Vocalpoint is a great site to join, they offer awesome freebies throughout the year.

Freebie #4:
 HydroxyCut Samples - "Like" them on Facebook and get samples of HydroxyCut Pro Clinical, Gummies and Sprinkles. You will be sent a confirmation email.

Freebie #5:
 Travel Mug - Offer from L&M, you must be 21 to claim this freebie. Log in or register then click on "Get a Gift" at the bottom of the page.

Freebie #6:
 Possible Crystal Light Liquid - If you're a member of Safeway's JustForU Loyalty Program go to their site or check your app! I had a Crystal Light freebie there! It was located under the "Personalized Deals" under the "Beverage" category. Must be purchased by April 2nd. Please Note: Since this is located under personalized deals which are based on purchase history, it may not be available to everyone. For more info on Safeway's JustForU program click here.

Freebie #7:
 Full Size Physicians Formula Wrinkle Filler & Deep Moisture Repair - Offer for the first 1,000 on March 13th at 5pm EST / 2pm PST. "Like" the on Facebook to get yours. They'll post a 'secret word' on their Facebook wall at 5pm EST, you enter the secret word and your info on the entry form (will appear when offer is live.) If your one of the first 1,000 to submit you get the freebie.

Freebie #8:
 Quart of Paint at Ace Hardware - Print the coupon and claim your paint in-stores on March 9th. Coupon valid on flat enamel only.

Jackie lives in Seattle, her blog is 
Free Hot Samples. Where there are hundreds of freebies and deals up for gabs.

(Source: Savings.com)

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  • A photo circulating on social media appears to show a Memphis Police Department officer . >> Watch the news report here The photo was posted on Saturday, and several viewers sent it to WHBQ. >> See the photo here Memphis police acknowledged the photo and issued the following statement: >> Read more trending news 'The officer in question has been identified, and an administrative investigation is underway. This behavior will not be tolerated, and I can assure you that corrective actions will be taken,' said Director Michael Rallings. 'This type of behavior does not represent the hardworking men and women of the Memphis Police Department.
  • Former Tulsa police officer Shannon Kepler was sentenced this week to 15 years in prison after a manslaughter conviction in the shooting death of Jeremy Lake, but like every aspect of the case, determining how long he may actually serve in prison is complicated. For starters his attorney, Richard O’Carroll, has already said they will appeal the conviction. There’s also the looming case of Patrick Dwayne Murphy, whose 1999 murder conviction was overturned by the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals because it occurred in “Indian country,” and Lake’s death also occurred on what is - according to that ruling - part of a Creek Nation reservation which was never officially disestablished by the federal government. Since Kepler’s been on the roles of the Creek Nation since 1983, the pending appeal in the Murphy case could potentially land his case in federal court, obviating anything the state court did.
  • Some people just never get tired of trying to prove the Moon landing was a hoax. This time, it's a video that was uploaded to YouTube and has gotten around a million views. Newsweek reports the uploader, looking at an old photo from the Apollo 17 mission, claims to have spotted a person not wearing a spacesuit in the reflection of the helmet visor of an Astronaut walking on the moon. But some commenters say it looks just like another astronaut to them. And some point out that these days, just about anyone with simple software can convincingly alter a photo. You can look at the photo in question here.
  • A led to a Butler County couple suing their police department for a wrongful drug bust. >> Read more trending newsAudrey and Edward Cramer talked about that incident on Thursday as they announced the lawsuit. The Cramers said it all started when their insurance agent came to their Buffalo Township home for a property damage claim and took pictures of hibiscus plants. The agent thought they were marijuana and gave the pictures to police. Audrey Cramer could not hold back the tears as she described how three Buffalo Township police officers pulled her out of her home on Oct. 5 wearing only her underwear. 'I was not treated as though I was a human being. I was just something they were going to push aside,' she said. “I asked them again if I could put pants on and he told me no and I had to stand out on the porch.' The Cramers say that police thought they were growing marijuana in the backyard of their Garden Way home. When officers got a search warrant and went to their house, the Cramers say their home was ransacked and they were handcuffed and forced to sit in a police car for four hours. 'Sometimes I think they look for a crime where it doesn't exist in order to justify their existence,' Edward Cramer said. Edward Cramer says he tried to explain that the plants were hibiscus flowers. The couple's attorney, Al Lindsay, filed a lawsuit today on their behalf. 'I cannot understand the frame of reference that was on these police officers’ minds, what were they thinking,” Lindsay said. The Cramers say they never got an apology. Audrey says she has severe emotional trauma. 'I don't sleep at night,” she said. “And you don't leave me at the house by myself.' Channel 11 reached out to the Buffalo Township police and the township manager but they have yet to respond.
  • After four long trials, former Tulsa police officer Shannon Kepler learned his sentence Monday. Kepler was convicted of fatally shooting his daughter's boyfriend, 19-year-old Jeremey Lake, in 2014. Carl Morse, Lake’s father, spoke during Shannon Kepler's sentencing hearing. Morse said he woke up Monday wanting to 'to rip the head off' of Kepler, but later said it would do him no good to carry that hate and that it wouldn't bring back his son. A judge later sentenced Kepler to 15 years in prison.